Cobbwebs inc

Managed I.T. Services
for companies and individuals
Whether you work from HOME or an OFFICE, we make "I.T." WORK for YOU. COBBWEBS supports your tablets, laptops, PC'S and servers.

what we offer

some of our offerings for you.

computer support

Everyday, we recommend, troubleshoot, and support various types of hardware,  software, and protocols.
We don't sell anything but our expertise.
We handle: configurations, cleanup, data backup, data recovery, migrations, upgrades, and wireless issues.


We have been involved in Internet technology since 1994. We remain on the "cutting edge;" Offering excellent advice
and hands-on support with: Cloud backup,  Internet connectivity, Firewalls, Routers, VPNs,  DNS, FTP, SMTP, SSH, and all the other "Internet acronyms."

design and hosting

The "Internet of things" has changed dramatically since we started in 1997.  Today, we still offer web site analysis, design, collaboration, and hosting to our clients when appropriate. Whether you spend $500 or $25,000, the Cobbwebs team will do its best for you.

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The Internet has changed everything!

Having a website is no longer an option.  The first place that people go to find out about you and your business is the Internet.  Virtually all businesses now have a website and have had for years.  As of 2015, 75% of all visitors use a MOBILE device to see your business offerings.  This Cobbwebs site is an example of how YOUR site should operate so you look good on your viewer's mobile device.  This site is designed to scale to fit a phone, tablet, or laptop or PC.  If yours doesn't measure up,  we can help.

Wherever you are, if you have Internet, we can help!

Remote support is one of the major things we do at Cobbwebs.  If your computer or laptop is connected to the Internet with a decent connection, then it can be reached by our technicians to handle troubleshooting and support.  Let us know if that is an important option for you and we can help.

What's the best backup?

Since inception, the most important thing Cobbwebs does is help make sure data is BACKED UP!  The BEST backup is the one that is always there if something happens. We offer MONITORED Cloud backup which means that a live person verifies regularly that your data has been backed up to a secure data center(s) and that the backup software is doing its job.